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Roasted Broccoli Sandwich MICHAEL SYMON

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A sandwich that is both healthy and delicious!

1 can lychees (drained and roughly chopped, 1 cup, 20 ounces)
1 clove garlic (peeled, grated)
1 teaspoon ginger (peeled, minced)
1 shallot (peeled, minced)
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon red chili flakes
2 scallions (finely sliced)
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large head broccoli (stem trimmed, cut into florets)
mayonnaise (for serving)
hoagie-style hard rolls (toasted, to serve)
8 ounces feta (crumbled)
store-bought fried onions (to serve)
4 Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to serve

In a large bowl add the lychees, garlic, ginger, shallot, sugar, chili flakes, scallions and vinegar. Season with salt then mix to combine and allow to marinate for 1 hour.
Preheat the oven to 400ºF. Place the broccoli florets evenly on a baking sheet, drizzle with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 10 minutes, until deeply golden. Remove from the oven and set aside.
To Assemble: Spread the mayonnaise on the hoagie rolls and toast the hoagie rolls in the oven until warmed. Add a layer of broccoli to the rolls. Spoon the lychee mixture on top of the broccoli, followed by the feta and fried onions. Place the top bun on, slice in half and serve.

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